Multihouse sets a new standard for cost effective,
energy efficient, green and disaster resistant housing.
Multihouse is serious housing for serious times. Frugal with a builder's money, careful with the earth's resources and beneficial for the people who live there. Multihouse is mainstream, site built homes that share standardized structure and infrastructure, for more efficient construction and lower costs. Multihouse can be built as a single family, 3 or 4 bedroom, Cape or Cottage, and also as townhouses or duplexes. The design is scalable from 1400 to 2800 SqFt and is so energy efficient it uses only about half the energy of a comparable new house. Heating and cooling a midsized Multihouse averages under a dollar a day. Multihouse standard specifications exceed the requirements of EnergyStar and the Department of Energy Builder's Challenge.
The many built-in green features let Multihouse score well above Gold on the NAHB's Model Green Home Building Guidelines and at the highest levels of the National Green Building Standard. This ensures high quality construction and low maintenance for generations to come. Multihouse incorporates many life-cycle features that benefit all age groups and demographics. Times change, people change and Multihouse has features to help owners deal with unforeseen circumstances like disasters, disabilities and lifestyle changes. 
The engineered Multihouse wall and roof system is extremely strong and disaster resistant. Similar homes have withstood tornado strikes, remained intact and the occupants safe.  A Multihouse can easily meet any wind, snow or earthquake code in the country. Using advanced construction techniques, Multihouse actually costs less to build than comparable conventional construction. Multihouse is shelter for all seasons and for many reasons.
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